Salina De La Renta Accused Of Being A Spy For CONTRA, Under Investigation


MLW has been shaken by Konnan’s revelation that Salina de la Renta has been CONTRA’s inside person, and an investigation has been launched as a result.

MLW has announced that de la Renta is “under investigation” after Konnan revealed on this week’s MLW Pulp FUSION that she was the inside person who was helping CONTRA Unit in their takeover from MLW. Konnan claimed that Salina owes some “dangerous people” a lot of money, which led to her giving CONTRA access to MLW’s facilities, infrastructure, and corporation.

The announcement made by MLW reads as follows:

“While the league’s investigation is in the preliminary stages, one league source indicates the business transactions were “on and off” over a two-year period with them at odds last fall when LA Park cashed in his golden ticket for a title shot at CONTRA’s kingpin and World Heavyweight Champion Jacob Fatu. Did they patch things up in time to facilitate Salina enabling CONTRA to execute their attack on MLW and AAA May 9th at the Super Series in Tijuana. Konnan believes so.”

MLW officials are pursuing all leads and that Salina could face heavy sanctions and fines, with Court Bauer saying that “All options are on the table, including suspending her license to promote in MLW.”

Salina posted the following to Twitter:

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