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NewsSaliva Says They Re-Recorded Batista's Theme Song, News On Eva Marie, Nikki...

Saliva Says They Re-Recorded Batista’s Theme Song, News On Eva Marie, Nikki A.S.H.



During a recent interview with Reel Talker, the lead singer of Saliva revealed that the band re-recorded Batista’s WWE theme song a several years ago, but it was never released. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On cross-promoting with WWE: “I think that was a huge platform for them (WWE) as well, reaching a whole new audience. There are people who come to shows and say ‘I only know you guys because of wrestling.’ The wrestling thing we hear all the time. Wrestling is kind of like MTV in a way, people discovering your band. Wrestling helped out a lot of rock bands and artists in general. In the rock department there are a lot of bands that did a lot for wrestling and Saliva was one of the bigger acts that got lucky.”

On re-recording “I Walk Alone”: “They had reached out about us doing something a couple years ago. I think it had to do about re-recording ‘I Walk Alone’ and doing something else. We ended up re-recording ‘I Walk Alone’. So it’s done, we just haven’t released it.”

On if the band would be interested in working with AEW: “Me and Brad (Stewart) live in Jacksonville and they film all that stuff over there. Tony Khan and them, Jericho, those dudes are in Jacksonville every week. Never say never, we are open to collaborating and working with wrestling in all forms.”

In other news, WWE posted the following video, showing the road to the RAW Women’s title match at SummerSlam:

WWE posted the following video, showing some additional highlights of Eva Marie throwing out the first pitch at a recent San Francisco Giants MLB game:

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