Sam Roberts On How His SmackDown Appearance Came Together On Just Three Hours Notice


As seen on last Friday night’s episode of WWE SmackDown, Sam Roberts made an appearance during a backstage segment that featured The Usos and The Viking Raiders.

During the latest edition of his “Not Sam Wrestling” podcast, Roberts commented on being told he was going to be needed on just three hours notice to make it from New York to Pennsylvania.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On how his SmackDown appearance came together: “I walked in to the back of the arena, my producer is there and working with Happy Corbin on the segment before I’m on. ‘Sam, you’re here, great. Here’s what you’re going to do.’ Here come the Usos, they’re like, ‘You just show up whenever you want Sam?’ ‘Uce, I literally just got here. They called me at home at 4:30.’ ‘For this? I’m sorry.’ I said, ‘Sorry? I get the privilege of getting to talk to you on Friday Night SmackDown, don’t ever say you’re sorry. You’re the SmackDown Tag Team Champions. You’re part of the Bloodline.’ It’s literally, out the car, into the arena, hello to the producer and writers, and onto the interview set. Your boy has never been on SmackDown. Is this really happening? ‘First thing we’re going to do, you talk to the Usos, there won’t be any audio. It’s just a preview, talk to them, no audio, and we’re going to break.’ I probably didn’t know we were ‘on the air, on the air,’ because my brain was still all over the place. I’m thinking to myself, ‘four hours ago, I was building Lego with my son thinking it would be an easy Friday.’ We do the thing and it’s live. We do it, we’re talking and showing our fingers, and we go to break.”

On WWE’s trust in him to do the segment: “They put an obscene amount of trust in me. They put more trust in me than I have in myself. I get treated very well at WWE. ‘You know what you’re doing, you know how to talk into a microphone.’ ‘If you say so. I don’t know if I’d put that much faith in me, but if you’re putting that much faith in me, you seem good at your job, so I’ll trust you.’ ‘Introduce yourself, introduce the Usos, ask them about the contract signing.’”

On his reaction to the segment: “If you look at the segment, there is a split segment where I’m looking at the camera and not saying anything, but I’m smiling. In that moment, I’m thinking about everything. I’m thinking about the fact that I’m there at all. A lot of people talk about a dream come true. This is it. This is that moment…When I get called at 4:38 in the afternoon and the call is, ‘we have the coolest opportunity in the world for you if you show up and can get here.’ Ain’t no time in the world I would have said, ‘I don’t think I can do it.’ Five minutes before we were live, I had a text from Bruce Prichard and he said, ‘Are you here?’ ‘Yeah.’ ‘I was hoping you would run out of gas.’ I would have hitchhiked.”

(h/t – Fightful)

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