Sami Callihan

Sami Callihan Discusses His Storyline With The Design


While Sami Callihan has been a fan-favorite over the past few years, The Design’s recent attempts to recruit him seem to be paying dividends.

On a recent episode of Busted Open Radio, Callihan discussed his ongoing storyline with The Design. He also shared his thoughts on Cody Deaner, Alan Angels, and Big Kon.


You can check out some of the highlights below:

Sami Callihan on his storyline with The Design: “I think it’s one of those things, people want long-term storytelling and I think right now, IMPACT does that better than anyone. As much as we wanna say, aw, in 2023, people’s attention spans are smaller. Good storytelling on a long-term basis in my opinion, I think is the best way to go with professional wrestling and I think that’s what we’re doing right now and I think people need to continue to tune in because it’s gonna be one of those things that you never know what’s gonna happen.”

His thoughts on Cody Deaner: “I think Cody Deaner — and this maybe is a controversial opinion, I think Cody Deaner is one of the best, unknown, amazing professional wrestlers on the planet. He’s known, but I don’t think he’s known for being how good he is. He did a comedy character for years and now he’s doing what he is but it shows his range, it shows his body of work. I think he is an underrated cat in professional wrestling.”

What he thinks of Alan Angels: “Alan Angels, young dude, has limitless potential and is just now really getting the chance to experiment and come into his own. He’s a guy, I think is gonna be X-Division Champion in the next year or two.”

Discussing Big Kon: “Kon is a guy I’ve known since being in NXT together. People seem to forget that The Ascension, at one point, was the hottest thing in professional wrestling and then they got ruined when they went up to the main roster. So now he’s getting a chance to wipe that all clean and be who he is. He’s another guy I think is extremely underrated… I think people (are) gonna be pleasantly surprised with what Kon can do in the ring as well. He’s a huge, gigantic, scary human being that can go when all the chips are down.”

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