Sami Callihan Done with MLW, Daga Not Happy with MLW


Daga is reportedly not happy with how MLW has explained his departure for the company. As we previously noted, MLW has said that Daga was booked for their June 1st show in Wisconsin, but backed out at the last moment. He claimed that he had scheduled a vacation at the time, but MLW learned he was working dates in Mexico and dropped him from all future bookings.

Sami Callihan is officially done with the company. He lost a Loser Leaves Town match on the most recent episode of Fusion. He was originally planned to come back in a mask for a “Midnight Rider” storyline, but this was changed. It’s believed that MLW is upset that he caused damage to the venue in Waukesha, Wisconsin during his brawl with Mance Werner, as he was seen kicking at a door.

(h/t 411 Wrestling)

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