Sami Callihan Reveals Why he Spit on Jim Cornette at MLW Taping


During a recent interview with Konnan’s “Keepin’ in 100” podcast, Sami Callihan revealed why he spit in Jim Cornette’s face during a recent MLW: Fusion TV taping. He also commented on the legitimate heat between the two, and more. You can check out some highlights and audio from the interview below:

On why he spit on Cornette on MLW: Fusion: “I don’t like what he said online … he said in his podcast when he was reviewing AEW Double Or Nothing — cause you know, obviously he has to say something negative about everything. He wanted to put over the fact that like, ‘Oh they didn’t even explain what this guy was.’ First of all, in 2019 we don’t have to explain what someone of homosexuality or anything is because it’s 2019, everything is accepted on those terms. And then he wanted to call him a transvestite when not even knowing what he was and say ‘He got off, looks like he just got off from working the day shift at the f**king Tropicana as a drag queen.’ I’m like, that’s just ignorant, like that’s speaking ignorant … He goes after anyone that has any sort of notoriety, because he hasn’t done anything in his career in the last 20 years to be worth a s**t. So he wants to make money off other people.”

On Cornette’s followers harassing wrestlers he disagrees with: “He gets his fans to go after him on Twitter. There’s this one fan that doesn’t agree with my opinion on Cornette and is putting out there that he has my home address and phone number and started telling people to DM [direct message] him if they want my number. Which, I don’t know how he got my number, but maybe this crazy person does. Like, that’s the kind of society we live in today.”

On his issue with Cornette: “And I’m not so mad about what Cornette says, I’m mad about the type of people that he caters to and builds this like hatred, and this hate-filled community around hating anything that’s different and what they don’t like. I hate this term when wrestling fans go, ‘This isn’t wrestling!’ Why isn’t it wrestling? Wrestling, we’ve had undead wizards shoot lightning bolts out of their f**king hands. How is anything over the top from that point? We are living in a fictitious fantasy world where anyone can be anything. For someone to say this isn’t wrestling, I’m on the complete wavelength of professional wrestling is a buffet and there’s wrestling for everyone. If you don’t like an aspect of wrestling then don’t f**king watch it it’s that easy!”

On how Sonny Kiss should be identified as (i.e. not transvestite): “He is a homosexual male. That’s it! Or he’s just a professional wrestler, or he’s just a male wrestler. I don’t understand why in someone’s head that there has to be some sort of explanation for what this person is. He’s just a person. How hard is it to just put that across? Why is that something that you want to jump down and critique of how a person looks, and be like, ‘Oh this needs an explanation, their fans don’t understand it.’ Yes their fans do understand it because they put over Sonny as the type of character he is on their show, their Being The Elite, which gets more views than some wrestling shows during the week. So that’s why I don’t understand, like, well maybe you should actually follow their product a little bit if you’re gonna be so critical of it.”

(h/t – 411 Wrestling)

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