Sami Callihan Says He’d Break RVD Legs


(h/t: Sportskeeda)

As part of the latest IMPACT Press Pass podcast, Sami Callihan spoke about the potential of working a program with Rob Van Dam. Callihan was very direct in saying that if he was to cross paths with the former WWE Champion, it would not end well for the man with educated feet:

“Maybe, if he wants to get his legs broken. I’m sick of these extreme icons, these extreme legends…the Tommy Dreamers, the RVDs, the Sabus, the Jerry Lynns…how long before these guys get the point and just go die and let people like me be the face of IMPACT Wrestling?

Callihan, who heads the oVe faction, also discussed the possibility of adding another member to the group. He referred to the group as spontaneous and said that you can never be sure if and when another member will pop up:

“You never know who’s going to be added to oVe. We have a whole compound of young, talent wrestlers in Ohio right now, chomping at the bit to get on there. And we’re a group that people from all over Ohio try to be a part of. You never know who’s going to join and that’s the cool thing about oVe, we’re so unpredictable.”

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