Sami Callihan

Sami Callihan Shares Text Messages With Scott D’Amore After Being ‘Fired’


Sami Callihan isn’t a happy man after he was “fired” by Don Callis at Against All Odds on Saturday night. Callihan took to Twitter today and shared some screenshots of text messages he had with Scott D’Amore.

You can check out the texts below:

Callihan: “Really Scott? Off the website and unfollowed on Twitter within 24 hours. You thought I was hard to deal with before, imagine what I’ll do and where I might show up as a FREE AGENT.”

D’Amore: “Calm down Sami, I had nothing to do with this. Just give me a little time and I’ll get this sorted out. Things are crazy right now!”

Callihan: “NOTHING TO DO WITH IT!? Eric Tompkins already stooged the office and texted me he was told to take me out of the show intro.”

D’Amore: “There is stuff going on behind the scenes that you couldn’t imagine. The Anthem board is sending a representative to Impact on Thursday because of all of this. There has never been a Anthem representative here before! Just give me a little time Sami. We’ll sort this out…”

Callihan: “Your damn time ran out when you let CallASS fire me. Fired or not, I’m still showing up. See you on Thursday.”

Of course, this is all storyline related and the angle will continue to play out on TV in the coming weeks.

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