Sami Callihan Works Dark Match At SD + JBL Praises Gabriel


— Independent wrestling standout Sami Callihan competed in a dark match tonight prior to WWE’s slate of television tapings in Providence, Rhode Island. He was squashed by Johnny Curtis, with his offense being limited to two kicks. Curtis was billed as “Simply” Johnny Curtis, came out to tango entrance music and donned shiny pants. Following his victory, Curtis placed a rose on Callihan’s chest.

The match is Callihan’s first before a WWE audience. He participated in private tryouts before WWE officials prior to television tapings in March.

— JBL gave Justin Gabriel credit for his match against Antonio Cesaro on Raw last night, posting the following to Twitter:

When folks ask me about @wwe young talent that are worth getting excited over I point them to @Justin__Gabriel Gonna be a star.

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