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News​Sami Zayn Discusses His Long History With Kevin Steen, Triple H, The...

​Sami Zayn Discusses His Long History With Kevin Steen, Triple H, The Authority & More



Sami Zayn recently spoke with The Miami Herald,
here are the highlights…

On Being Told He Would Appear On RAW: “Essentially, I had
a mixed reaction to it because it was not quite a debut. In a way, there was a
weight off your shoulders in that respect thinking, ‘This is my only chance!
This is my only chance!’ It was sort of, ‘Yeah, I’m going to be on Raw. Then
maybe I will stay on Raw. Maybe I won’t.’ I haven’t been on Raw since, but I was
on Raw so that seed has been planted.”

On His History With Kevin Steen: “We’ve just been through
a lot together. I’ve known him for such a long time. I haven’t known him since
day one, but I’ve definitely known him since day two. It’s been about 11 years,
almost 12 years. I’ve known him for a really long time. He is just extremely
talented, so it’s not just, ‘Oh good, my buddy is here.’ It is, but he is so
good. I’m happy for him on a business level from a performer’s perspective
because I have someone great to work with. He really is. In a weird way, it
would be us coming full circle if we met in a WWE ring. I’m like almost
nostalgic thinking back, ‘Remember when we did this.’ I just remember working
him in literally a bar in farm towns in Quebec. I just remember doing these
drives in Quebec and just talking about getting out of Quebec. That was the hard
part. Now we are here, which is so cool.”

His Thoughts on Triple H: “I have a lot of faith in Triple
H as far as in that I know he wants the best for us, for this business and
company. It’s not just NXT and his guys, but WWE. So I think he obviously wants
us to be featured in the best possible way when it does happen. I think it may
be a good starting point, but I have a lot of faith that everything will be

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