Sami Zayn Discusses His Storyline With The Bloodline & Where It Could Go


During a recent interview with The Mirror, WWE Superstar Sami Zayn commented on his storyline with the Bloodline and where it could go, possibly facing Roman Reigns at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view event, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:


On his storyline with the Bloodline and where it could go: “This is one of the more filled-out, long-term stories I’ve ever been a part of, and it’s long, even by WWE standards. Usually we might do two or three month stories, but I’ve been aligned with The Bloodline in some respects since April and we’re still only kind of scratching the surface as to where this is going to go. The initial idea was just to have some on-screen interactions every now and again because it made sense as the self-proclaimed locker room leader I should have a good rapport with the Head of the Table. So we were kind of cooking up that idea. On some level, I knew that when you add the lightness that my character brings to kind of the seriousness and the star power that they bring that it was gonna light the whole thing up. That was the goal. But one of the things I’m realising is with live audiences these stories tend to take a life of their own, and you kind of don’t know where they’re going to go and that’s actually what’s exciting about it. I see all the fans trying to predict it and they don’t know and, in a way, I don’t know because the reactions start taking it in different directions. For example, the dynamic between Jey and myself? I don’t know that it was ever meant to be like this but now you’re starting to get people guessing what’s Jey going to do and where is it going for him. I’m past the point of trying to predict what the end game is. But I think at this point, we have such a level of investment that whatever happens, I think fans are going to just be there along for the ride. It’s been really a lot of fun and seeing how much the fans have been loving it has been really rewarding.”

On his humor in the storyline: “I’m trying not to overdo it. But the thing is, especially with the Usos, I’ve known them for a very long time and and they get a kick out of me. So that’s kind of art imitating life. They’re just fun loving guys. I get asked about this a lot and I’ve been seeing fans talking about this a lot. The idea that these guys are laughing for real and it’s not something you ever do and it’s never really seen with WWE because we’re a very well-produced show so stuff like that often gets cut out. But now little bits of that are seeping into the show and I think fans are so taken aback by it or curious by it, because they enjoy seeing that little bit a reminder of the fact that the performers aren’t so buttoned down and we’re actually enjoying what we’re doing. And when they know we’re enjoying what we’re doing they enjoy it doubly I think.”

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