Sami Zayn Headed to WWE NXT?, “Altercation” with Daniel Vidot


WWE posted the following video, featuring NXT Superstar Daniel Vidot reacting to his “altercation” with Sami Zayn during Tuesday’s WWE live event in Brisbane, Australia. He said,

“Sami Zayn, nothing but respect for the guy. What’s he done in NXT, what he’s doing right now in Smackdown. But what were you thinking coming at my family like that? Nobody disrespects me like that, and you know what? You got what you deserved.”

This sure looks like an angle to bring Sami Zayn over to NXT (at least briefly). We told you guys months ago that if NXT ratings began to fall (and they are), WWE would be bringing main roster talents over to the brand. Finn Balor returned several weeks ago and it looks like Sami Zayn is on the way to NXT shortly.

You can check out a video of the altercation below:

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