Sami Zayn On Being NXT Champion & If He Thinks There Will Be An NXT Title Match At WM 31


WWE NXT champion Sami Zayn recently spoke with The National in U.A..E to promote WWE’s upcoming tour of Abu Dhabi on 2/12-2/14. Check out what he had to say down below.

On becoming NXT champion:
“It was huge for me on so many levels, professionally and personally. I don’t even know how to begin to put it into words, but it was definitely a career highlight for me. The match was one of my favourites of my career against one of my all-time best opponents in Adrian Neville, who I have known for years and years, so it is a really huge deal for me to be the NXT champion.”

On a possible NXT match at WrestleMania: “Obviously it goes without saying that it would be a dream come true to perform at WrestleMania. I really don’t know. I’ve heard rumours, but I put very little stock into them. But a small part of me feels as great as it would be to be on WrestleMania, you know the likelihood if we were featured in that kind of light, would be probably a five-minute showcase and that is not how you envision your WrestleMania debut. But listen, a WrestleMania debut is a WrestleMania debut, especially if you are defending a championship at WrestleMania. It would be awesome, it goes without saying. But I would hopefully envision a time when I can be at WrestleMania in a bigger role.”

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