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NewsSami Zayn On Life As El Generico Before Joining WWE

Sami Zayn On Life As El Generico Before Joining WWE


Sami Zayn would go to great lengths to keep his identity a secret during his time as the masked wrestler ‘El Generico.’

Before arriving in WWE in 2013, Zayn would compete under the mask, and would become a fan-favorite across a variety of promotions.

Speaking on a recent edition of the “Out of Character” podcast, Zayn addressed the times when he feared his identity being revealed. He said,

“When I would wear a mask, there were times that the mask was tied too tight. You would see a tiny bit of my hair in the back and when I would see that on screen, it would drive me crazy.”

“It’s almost like if you saw little human fingers sticking out of R2-D2. You’re like, ‘Oh, there’s a little guy there. That’s not a robot!’ It takes you out of it.’

“When I went into the States, for those first six or seven years,” he remembered, “I saw almost no leaks of what my face actually looked like. Also, the fans weren’t seeking it out because it does kill the allure a little bit.”

Zayn is in his first reign as Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champion with Kevin Owens, who recently returned from a rib injury following last week’s episode of WWE SmackDown.