Sami Zayn Speaks On His “Sami For Syria” Mobile Clinic & How His Fellow WWE Superstars Have Reacted To It


Last week, former NXT Champion Sami Zayn launched the Mobile Clinic for his “Sami For Syria” campaign which was created to help those affected by the Syrian War. In an interview with Sports Illustrated’s “Extra Mustard” section, Zayn went over the feeling of the mobile clinic officially being on the move and how his fellow WWE co-workers have reacted to his efforts.

Here are the highlights:

Why Did Zayn Choose To Do A Mobile Clinic For Fundraising:

“First of all, it was difficult to get it to this point, just in terms of figuring out who to help, how to go about helping, who needs it the most. My brother does a lot of humanitarian work in Canada and I asked him about some organizations. One that came up was SAMS, the Syrian American Medical Society. They have doctors who go over there to various refugee camps in neighboring countries, but they also have a network on the ground in Syria which is very hard to come by because it’s become such a hostile and dangerous place even for medical workers. So I got in touch with them and I looked at all the various programs they had and to me, the overwhelming thought and overwhelming feeling was just the people that are still stranded there need the help the most. That’s not taking anything away from the plight of the people living in refugee camps in Lebanon or Jordan or refugees who have come to Canada or the States or Europe. Everyone’s had it rough. But I just felt like the people who are actually on the ground stranded with no help needed it the most.”

How Has His Fellow WWE Colleagues Gotten Involved:

“The response of my coworkers and fellow WWE Superstars has been pretty overwhelming. They’ve been very supportive; a lot of them retweeting it to their fans as well. There have been some pretty big financial contributions. I know Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins both chipped in $5,000 a piece which is huge. Daniel Bryan, Mick Foley, Brian Kendrick, Becky Lynch, Chris Jericho donated. I don’t wanna leave anyone out. Shinsuke Nakamura. A lot of people actually contributed financially. The other day I had a big conversation with Triple H about it and he was really proud and happy to see it. It’s hard to get the ball rolling for it to really sort of catch on, but the support from my coworkers and the company has been very nice.”

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