Sammy Guevara Pokes Fun At Rumors That He Has Heat With AEW Management


As as we reported earlier this week here on eWn, a story making the rounds was that Sammy Guevara had some heat with AEW management after an angle between him and Impact Wrestling was nixed after he didn’t want to go through with what was originally planned. Guevara posted a new vlog today, poking fun at the reports.

The vlog begins with Guevara laying in the middle of the road making snow angels while wearing a t-shirt. A person comes up from behind and asks what he’s doing. He replied with,

“Don’t you read the internet? It said I have lots of heat, so I thought I didn’t need a jacket. But I’m still so cold.”

The woman then told him, “don’t believe everything you read on the internet” and Guevara replied with the following,

“What do you mean? So, if I believe everything I read online, I’m a f*cking idiot?”

You can check out Guevara’s full vlog below:

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