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Sammy Guevara’s Latest Vlog – Blood & Guts, Kip Sabian, Alan Angels, & More


Sammy Guevara has posted his latest vlog on YouTube. Below are some highlights:

There is footage of Guevara, Tay Conti, and Matt Menard climbing atop the massive Blood & Guts structure and looking over an empty arena before the show. They walk around on top of the cage while filming. In one shot a person standing on the entrance ramp is completely blurred. Could this be a new edition to the roster that is yet to be announced? Or is it simply someone not wanting to be featured on the vlog?


Kip Sabian appears again this week using the underrated/over it box on his head gimmick. Sabian returned to the ring at British Wrestling Revolution and World Association of Wrestling events this past week in the UK. His recent vlog appearances may be signaling an upcoming return to the AEW ring as well.

QT Marshall continues his attempts to recruit Fuego Del Sol for The Factory faction. Once again, he unknowingly makes the pitch to Guevara in a Fuego mask. The same mask he wore when interfering in Chris Jericho’s Hair vs. Hair match with Ortiz.

Negative 1 defends the Sammy Guevara’s Vlog Championship against the number one contender Aaron Solo in an intense game of sticks.

Footage is shown of the Jericho Appreciation Society photo shoot in their red matching outfits prior to the Blood & Guts match.

Guevara’s fall from the cage is covered from multiple angles and speeds.

Alan Angels delivers a goodbye message to the fans and The Vlog Crew while also stating his appreciation for his time in AEW and his excitement for his wrestling future. Angels recently left AEW and has since made his debut in Impact Wrestling. His message is followed by a montage of some major vlog moments that have included Angels.

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