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Samoa Joe Reveals Whether Tony Khan Purchasing ROH Influenced His Decision To Sign With AEW


AEW star Samoa Joe recently spoke with the New York Post to discuss a wide variety of topics.

During the interview, Joe revealed whether Tony Khan purchasing Ring of Honor influenced his decision to sign with AEW, what he’d like to see happen with the promotion going forward, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On if Tony Khan buying ROH was a factor in his signing with AEW: “I think it was a factor. On my end, it piqued my interest if anything, and then in our initial discussion [Khan said] he was looking to revitalize things in a fashion and I want to be a part of that.”

On what he’d like to see happen with ROH now: “Ring of Honor has been a tremendous launching pad for so many superstars in the industry and one that is remembered fondly by most of those superstars. Aside from the people involved, I think the industry as a whole would love to see it survive, to regain prominence and become as great as it has been in the past … It’s always been a place where the newest, the most innovative guys from the industry kind of find a foothold to do what they do. I’d like it to continue to be that. I’d like to see more new faces and more opportunities given to younger guys in Ring of Honor. … There has always been young, hungry talent waiting in the wings to show the world what they got and Ring of Honor has been that place where they do that.”

On his time in WWE: “I wasn’t overly frustrated with everything. I mean, things like that happen. It worked out at times and sometimes it didn’t and that’s how it goes. I don’t really sit here and dwell on things and punish myself over things that I cannot change or never will be changed. I’m squarely focused on what’s ahead of me and not behind.”

On how people in WWE felt about AEW’s formation in 2019: “The more competition there is the more it drives the other guy to do better, to be better. It’s healthy for the industry. It’s healthy for everybody. Nobody was like ‘oh no, not another place to work.’ And anyone who was like that, it’s just asinine and stupid. I don’t know why anyone would think that.”

On criticism of the Satnam Singh angle on last week’s AEW Dynamite: “I think hemming and hawing over minor things like that are ridiculous. I understand people have their opinions and feel a certain way about it, but I personally think it’s silly to sit here and continue to harp on it.”

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