Samoa Joe Says There Has Never Been A Company That Has Wanted Him


Samoa Joe spoke about various topics on the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast. Here are the highlights (transcript courtesy of Wrestling Inc).

His current position in WWE:

“I had the greatest deal in the history of professional wrestling,” said Joe about his time before signing a full-time WWE contract. “I could work for WWE, anybody else that I wanted to and collect income from every one of those companies, including merchandise. It was a really good deal. Obviously, my prospects in WWE they felt they were extremely limited even initially when I got in. That was fine with me. Here’s the thing, it isn’t something that is new to me. There has never been a company that has wanted me, which sounds insane.”

Being put in NXT instead of main roster right away:

“It wasn’t an issue to me because I had worked at a developmental for WWE,” Joe said about UPW. “I was actually training talent to make the transition over to the WWE system, so I had the checklist and knew what they wanted.

“The entire time I wasn’t sitting there going, ‘oh man, how come WWE isn’t hiring me?’ The deals that I had were good, and even in my time during TNA, regardless of what others felt about me creatively I knew that we had a good business arrangement. My checks were never late. I know some people’s were, but mine weren’t and so it’s hard for me to knock them but they did make an extraordinary effort in keeping my deal right, and when eventually that wore away I was done with them and WWE came about.”

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