Samoa Joe Speaks Out – Career, BFG Series, CM Punk/TNA


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Here are some highlights from today’s TNA conference call featuring Samoa Joe …

-The call started at 2:05PM.

Thursday’s IMPACT will feature the final two matches in the annual Bound For Glory Series! Jeff Hardy will battle Samoa Joe in one featured bout, while Rob Van Dam goes against Bully Ray in other. Also there will be an update on Aces and Eights, as well as Daniels and Kazarian defending the tag titles against mystery opponents.

At No Surrender, the semifinals and finals of the Bound For Glory Series. 4 men compete to win it all. Which competitor will win 2 matches in one night, and go on to compete for the TNA World Title in the main event of Bound For Glory? Plus, the Knockouts Title is on the line as Miss Tessmacher defends against Tara in a teacher vs. student battle, and Zema Ion defends the X-Title against Sonjay Dutt.

TNA has finished the filming of British Boot Camp, which will come to Challenge TV in the UK.

Joe joins the call.

On this year’s BFG Series, Joe feels that the tournament actually made sense this year, and that it has been organized very well, keeping it basic. Last year’s tournament was not done well, and he didn’t appreciate how things were ran.

On the TV show over the last year, Joe says that Impact has been better, and he thinks going live has made for a better atmosphere. Joe loves the live format, and the better wrestlers always do better in the live format.

On MMA vs. wrestling, he thinks that MMA has impacted wrestling, and he feels implementing some MMA into wrestling is a good thing. Pro wrestling has its positive sides, and it is an experimental time in wrestling.

On his TNA tenure and staying motivated, he just wants to perform and if he gets the opportunity to do that, he is motivated.

On working with Magnus and his improvement, Joe says Magnus is a guy that has not reached his potential, and is becoming a very good wrestler, and in years to come, people will see that and talk about him more.

On how TNA has presented him over the years, when it has come to him and the relationship, he has never been afraid to try new things and do what is asked. They have let him do what he does best recently, and it has worked. He adds that there is no one approach to getting to where they want to be, you take things as they come and that is all you can do.

On his performances in recent months and getting back to the top of the card, Joe feels that he made more noise, and was given a chance, and he took it. He just did the best he could with what was given.

Joe is asked about his success at the No Surrender PPV in the past, and his mindset on the PPV is to get back to the TNA title. If he beats Jeff Hardy he is #1, and he can decide how he goes into things. He is asked about choosing his opponent if he gets #1, he says that will be reactionary and see what condition his opponents are in, and he wouldn’t tell us anyway.

Joe is asked about guys coming up through the independents, and that guys like him, Aries, Punk and Bryan may be a trend. Joe says there is a ton of talent out there, and it all comes down to timing. Everyone is dedicated, the talent is out there, and it is just how it happens.

When asked about people coming into TNA, Joe has recommended Willie Mack for a shot. Joe feels Mack isn’t looked at enough.

When asked about video games, he isn’t looking forward too much right now, maybe Borderlands 2 and maybe the new Splinter Cell. He would love for TNA to get back into the video game market, but isn’t sure about that future. He hasn’t played the WWE games in years, and it is odd to do so for him.

On King Mo coming to TNA, Joe is asked about bringing in a legit fighter and blurring the lines. Joe says there will be negative feedback with anyone not a pro wrestler. Mo is a guy that is dedicated, and thinks it will be interested.

On guys like Bran, Punk and Aries being successful, Joe says that the guys knew at an early time that they had a gift for what they do, and that they would do well. That was all they needed at the time, and they have all succeeded.

When asked about performing in the UK, and the UK fans, Joe says it is a mystery why they seem to love him so much. He has had great fan moments in the UK, and they like to watch a good ass kicking and they appreciate him.

He thinks TNA could run another version of Ring ka King internationally, and says the UK is hungry for their own promotion.

Joe says the Angle feuds have been career highlights. Angle is an alpha personality and they simply click. He also misses wrestling Punk, and they always brought out the best in him. He cannot nail it down to one best feud, because of other feuds with guys like AJ. They have all been great.

On the X-Division, it needs retooling, but he thinks they can succeed, and that they have some great new guys in there. Someone just needs to step up.

He is asked is Aces and Eights kidnapped him back in 2010, but he says he doesn’t recall that.

When asked about people leaving the company over contract stuff, Joe says it is talked about in the locker room, which is the nature of the business.

On his career accomplishments and future, Joe says that he wants to wrestle until he is advised to not continue. As for his future, he wants the world title and feels it is overdue for him to win again. He enjoys being the top guy, and he thinks everyone wants that.

He is asked about the feud with Angle not getting even bigger than it did, Joe says he feels they can always go further, but at the time they wanted to deliver big matches, and that they did a good job.

On evolving from ROH to TNA and being on TV each and every week, he says his match structure has improved with repetition and experience.

When asked about his physical style and how he is holding up, he says he has changed some things, because not everything can be done at all times or with all opponents. He changed to things that can be done with everyone, and that has been the major change.

On the independent scene, 10-years ago there was an explosion of great talent like himself, Aries, Low Ki, Daniels, and so on. But today it doesn’t seem to be the case. Does Joe worry about the current independent scene and replenishing the major company rosters? Joe says that the big thing is that when the guys he was with came up, they were focused on a style that was their own, a mixture of things they enjoyed, and they made it work. They studied, and were students of the game. They all wanted to be THE GUY, not an opening guy or a mid-card guy. When he goes to shows today, he doesn’t see that.

When asked about his connection with the fans and the guys he worked with, Joe says that his relationship with the fans is honest. They know what he is about, he doesn’t change that and they seem to relate.

On the BFG Series, Joe says he would love to see more fan involvement in it, but loves the format. Maybe the fans vote on the participants, more multi-matches or other tournament features. Overall he digs things, but the battle royals can go.

If he does win, how would he rate that as an achievement? He says highly, because it would be the lead in to his next title win.

When asked about the three-way match at Unbreakable with AJ and Daniels, Joe says it was as close to a perfect moment as you can get. It is a calling card to outline the new generation of wrestling. It was the X-Division of that time, and he is proud of that match.

Joe is asked about Punk mentioning he wanted to wrestle him again and the series of matches they had. Joe is proud of Punk, but not surprised at his success. If Punk wants to come to Orlando and scrap, they can do it.

He is asked about possible dream matches, and Joe says that Jun Akiyama is a guy he wants to work.

When asked about Samoans in wrestling and his children getting into the business, he says he has talked about it, but adds that they can do what they want if they are honest about it and make money at it.

The call ended at 2:49PM ET.

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