Samoa Joe Talks What A Wrestler Has To Do If They Work With Brock Lesnar


Samoa Joe talked about his time feuding with Brock Lesnar during an interview on Out of Character with Ryan Satin.

This is where Joe said Lesnar is the type of opponent all wrestlers should aspire to go up against.

“I think if you’re in this industry, Brock is the type of match you should be seeking out,” Joe said. “When you get into this industry, you should be gunning to work with the top, top guys. Brock was the top, top guy. When I was given the opportunity, I did my best to make the most of it every time I was in the ring with him. It’s important. You’ve got to have kind of a goal post and a bar of excellence that you maintain.  It’s easy when you’ve got guys like Brock, guys like Kurt Angle, guys like Roman. You push yourself because they push.

“For me it’s a good symbiotic relationship, because they’re going to give as hard as they get and vice versa. Any time I get an opportunity to get in the ring with those type of performers, a Randy Orton, these are guys who are at the top of their game. They do their very best to push their opponents. And they’re not going to give you an inch, and you’ve got to push back and can’t give them an inch. When that happens, there’s a weird symbiosis because you start producing really great stuff, because t’s a struggle out there and and you’re getting after it.”

“That’s the kind of energy you’ve got to have when you’re out there with Brock,” Joe said. “He probably won’t respect anything less than that. If you don’t show up saying you’re going to try and kick his teeth in and you’re coming after him, he ain’t trying to hear it. You’ve got to keep that energy with him. That’s kind of what I’m alluding to. You’ve got to match that intensity. You can’t walk into this kind of half assed and going ‘oh I hope this works out. How are you sir? Can’t wait to get out there and get after it.’ You’ve got to just go get it. Brock has no qualms about getting into it with anybody. It makes for a nice combination.”

H/T to Wrestling Inc

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