The Sandman & Rob Van Dam Discuss ECW, WWE Copying The Crucifixion Angle, Austin – Video


Hannibal TV recently interviewed Rob Van Dam and The Sandman during WrestleMania weekend. The two discussed ECW, Steve Austin and more. You can check out some highlights and watch a video of the interview below:

RVD’s favorite part of ECW: “ECW had such a car wreck appeal. I like when I’m talking to fans – you don’t even need to be a fan, it was like the ring is on fire, the fans are throwing their chairs in the ring, that kind of stuff. If that doesn’t hook you in when you’re flipping through the channels, we can never be friends. Because that’s the kind of stuff that should stick you on that channel for a bit. But ECW started everything. Maybe not like the first barbed wire matches – but what became the attitude era. Sandman (calls over Sandman) didn’t Steve Austin steal you cigarettes and beer? Who drank beer on the way to the ring first? Sandman or Austin?”

RVD on ECW originating things used in modern wrestling: “I was just saying how ECW originated a lot of things that we see in the mainstream. It wasn’t the first barbed wire match, or the first cage match – ”

RVD on marijuana references during the Attitude Era: “It went from the RVD 420 to the Roll Your Dog A Bone, The Godfather, X Pac, all these guys – Val Venis I think. It was cool to talk about marijuana for a period of time. I’m very proud to be part of ECW because I’ve been wrestling for hundreds and hundreds of years. So it’s good that I was a pioneer and not just someone going through those times.”

The Sandman’s thoughts on Steve Austin: “I was the last person he worked with before he went to WWE, me him and Mikey did like a three way or something. He’s cool as sh*t though. He had a beer after his match, I was doing my whole thing, bleeding before I even got in the ring.”

The Sandman on using a singapore cane: “I wasn’t the first one to use a cane. Tojo Yamamoto had one in the ring in the 70’s.”

The Sandman on WWE copying their crucifixion angle: “Me and Raven were doing the crucifixion angle, six months later they’re doing the crucifixion angle.”

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