Sandow Absolutely Squashed + Rollins/Ambrose Feud


At the weekend WWE live events, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose continued their feud. At Saturday night’s WWE live event in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, the two worked a match against each other that was said to have been very good. The crowd chanted “This is awesome” at one point. The finish came when Rollins hit a low blow on Ambrose causing a DQ. Rollins grabbed a chair but Ambrose countered and chased Rollins to the back.

At the same WWE live event in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, Damien Sandow was absolutely squashed …. THREE TIMES. After losing a match to Titus O’Neil, Sandow grabbed a microphone and said he wanted another opponent. That brought out Bo Dallas who picked up a quick win. Sandow then grabbed the microphone again and said he wanted a third opponent. Adam Rose came out and defeated him as well. Ouch, who the hell did this guy piss off?!

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