Santino Marella Believes WWE Fans Like Roman Reigns Deep Down


In an interview with Main Event Radio, Santino Marella spoke about his last match in WWE and the fan backlash against Roman Reigns. Here are highlights:

His Hell in a Cell predictions: “I think maybe less is more but I’m sure the audience will love every one [of the 3 HIAC’s]. Charlotte might get that championship back. I think Seth [Rollins] is more agile and I’ll give it to him [over Owens]. I’m a big Roman Reigns fan so I gotta go with him. The WWE universe is really trendy and it’s cool to boo him and dislike him but deep down inside everybody likes him. It’s like Italians and Kraft Dinner. They’re all programmed to hate it but then when they try it for the first time they secretly love it. Rusev was my final opponent/match, his camel clutch was the straw that broke this camel’s back. It aggravated my neck where I couldn’t move it at all. Was the end of the line; couldn’t do it anymore.”

His proudest accomplishment: “Near the end of my career I really dialed in my work and go out there and not have one wasted footstep. I was telling stories really well and truly having the audience engaged the entire match. Knowing that I became very good at being a professional wrestler meant a lot to me in my career. Having the monitor sellouts, with all the talents, agents, and producers in the back watching my segments and telling me it was sold out during my matches with all the boys watching enjoying and laughing. I would’ve liked to have been a badass at some point but whatever; it’s nice to be able to pay the bills.”

Life after WWE: “I started Battle Arts while I was off with my neck injury. I was able to focus on my business. When my contract expired and they opted not to renew it it wasn’t too bad as I was focused on Battle Arts. Battle Arts was this hybrid dojo in Japan where MMA fighters and pro wrestlers would train together with a focus on submission wrestling. It was that style that got me noticed and I stood out a lot because of that style. Asuka trained there too. We provide very strong submission wrestling and from there MMA, wrestling, or both. I’m starting at Sportsnet [360 in Canada] doing the Aftermath show in November.”

Wanting to be an actor: “I’m a really good actor and I think I could do tons of different roles. It’s about having the opportunity to make these relationships with the right people and show them what you could do. I wouldn’t mind doing one of those roles with me as a single dad with a little daughter in a romantic company; something like that.”

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