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Santino Marella Issues Statement On Heated Incident With Jim Cornette


Former WWE Superstar Santino Marella issued the following statement to regarding the heated incident he had with Jim Cornette over the weekend in Detroit at a wrestling convention:

Hi everyone, ok so here’s my one-and-only official statement regarding Cornette. He can definitely dish it out so lets see if he can take it too. You will soon identify a reoccurring theme here, he’s complete bullshit, from head to toe. My original stance from day one was to just let him rant and NOT to stoop to his level, and I tried to for a long time, but sometimes a brother gots to set things straight. Its important to note that Cornette has been lying for so long about all this stuff that he actually believes it like an actually memory. Some would say he’s a good bull-sh**ter. But it’s actually called being a compulsive liar.

12 years ago I moved to Louisville to train at OVW, after a month of the beginners class I was invited to the intermediate class where I would train with the legendary Rip Rogers. At that time I was also invited to come and watch an OVW TV taping. Upon arrival to my first ever TV taping I was told I could sit in the student area in the audience. Keep in mind I’m with my daughter and simply a member of the audience, or so I thought.

The show starts, its great, and then there’s the debut of the bogeyman who was supposed to leave the arena through an emergency door directly behind us, no one gave me the 411, so as bogeyman was leaving he turned right towards us and I thought he was gonna do me a solid and scare my daughter thus creating a memory that she would never forget, so as a dad I was pretty stoked, and yes I was definitely smiling. The bogeyman then jars the guard rail, we all run, and he exits out the door. It’s all on YouTube if you care to see it. Actually I encourage one to do so, so you can see for yourself that I’m not laughing. Hence BS #1. There was never any agenda to the whole thing. I wasn’t trying to be anything other than a fan. I wasn’t part of the show, heck it was my first time there for show. Gosh when I look back now I was so green to everything but I was definitely enjoying a pro-wrestling show with the rest of the audience. The eagerness, the learning, the dedication, they’re all fond memories.

I’m then summoned to the back where Cornette is flipping out and proceeds to slap me several times. He claims 17 but lets just call that Bullsh**#2. I had no idea what he was even talking about. I remember saying just that, which of course got him even more mad. I remember him saying “you are nothing in this business”, and I’m like yeah no sh** I literally just signed up here a month ago lol. He knew I couldn’t do anything, he took complete advantage of the situation, and he assaulted someone, period, and probably should have been arrested and charged for that matter. He acted completely unprofessional and very much disrespected the business he claims to love, I say claims to love cause all he ever does is go on completely negative rants about various aspects and his personal opinions. All that hatred and negativity must be such a heavy burden to carry around all the time. He has become his own prison sentence, left to marinade in his own negative filth. Thank God he has become a non-entity and quite frankly irrelevant for some time now. His overall contribution to the industry has been quite damaging and by no means, is he an authority. He was merely tolerated and permitted, by real men, to be around the business during one of the best eras in history. Hey don’t get me wrong I’m not an authority either but I’ve been around great men in this business that truly are and trust me he is NOT on that list. Most people in the industry generally think him of as an asshole and loser today. Most, but not all. There are those few that do like him and that’s 100% fine by me.

He also said that Bogeyman was furious at me and wanted to kick my ass, so years later and after I got to know Marty pretty well I asked him about that night and he said he was just upset at his “wardrobe malfunction”. They failed to calculate the effect that the ring lights would have on Bogyman’s makeup and it was proving to be an issue. Thus the original source of that segment’s frustration is what I always thought. So what are we at now, BS #3?

Cornette was subsequently fired and pretty much resented me ever since. I don’t hate him. I don’t hate anyone but he was in the wrong and everyone knows it, especially him. That is why he so desperately tries to put me down and make excuses as to why he acted the way he did. The answer is simple Jim, because you are and insecure poor excuse of a man.

I would get asked about it from time to time but mostly down played it as it really didn’t bother to too much. I’ve endured much more than a slap, or 7, in my life. I actually do have a few friends in the business that still like Cornette so I thought that perhaps we could have had a good working relationship if things had been different. I was not opposed to learning from him, in fact I regret not being able to. I was taught to respect my elders in life in general, and my seniors in the pro-wrestling business, and until this moment I have.

Fast forward 10 years and I’m now forced to retire due to 2 neck surgeries. My WWE career was a dream come true, an amazing 10 year chapter in my life, and I am forever grateful to all the fans all over the world. I sacrificed everything important to me and risked it all to make it. I gave it more than 100% and am quite proud to say that I made it on my own merit. When I got hired almost 2 years after the incident and thanked Johnny Ace for not holding the incident against me he didn’t even know what I was referring to. I had to actually remind him, which was nice cause it reassured me that my employment was by my own hand. So trying to say that I was gifted my job is a big pile of BS, #4 in fact, and Cornette knows that too. I get it, it’s quite simple, he’s just trying to press my buttons and stay relevant. However it’s the time I spent away from my daughter that I will not allow him to diminish.

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