Santino Marella’s Latest Video + The Lilian/Natalya Feud


— On June 9th and 10th, WWE Hall of Famer Greg the Hammer Valentine appears at the Friendship Flea Market in Friendship, Indiana.

— For the second straight night, WWE continued their angle with Lilian Garcia and Natalya. Garcia nearly came to blows with Natalya during a heated confrontation after being unhappy with how Natalya was treating her. At the show in Manchester on Saturday night, Garcia aggressively shoved Natalya’s jacket back at her, which did not make her happy. Natalya then posted the following on Twitter… “I didn’t appreciate Lilian Garcia’s attitude tonight throwing my jacket at me! Watch yourself ya little mutt!” This is likely a test angle to see how the crowd reacts. Depending on the reactions, they may proceed with the angle on RAW or SmackDown.

— Here is the latest episode of Santino Marella’s Foreign Exchange from WWE.

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