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Santino Marella On Who He Wants To Win Royal Rumble Match, The Undertaker, More


Former WWE star Santino Marella recently spoke with Justin Barrasso of about the Royal Rumble and more.

On who he thinks will win the 2017 Royal Rumble match:

“I love Brock Lesnar and hope he wins,” said Marella. “I’d have him eliminate Undertaker at the end. That would be a good swerve. Everyone would think Undertaker was going to get his revenge on Brock, and then Brock would eliminate him, as to say, ‘Not today.’ But there are a lot of big names in the Rumble, which means there will be all these big names who don’t win.”

On setting the record for shortest Royal Rumble appearance in 2009 at 1.9 seconds when Kane eliminated him from the ring.

“Hopefully that record stands for a long time,” said Marella. “I actually know how to beat it, but I’m not going to tell anybody. I found a way to shave off half a second, but I don’t want anyone else to beat it. I knew the Warlord’s record was beatable,” said Marella. “There was no sense of urgency in the way he entered the ring. When I broke the record, I had my technique down: I was going to slide under, pop up, and Kane was going to meet me at the right time. I had very little room for error, but I found a way to even beat my record. I think I could do it in about a second-and-a-half.”

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