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NewsSarah Logan Issues Statement On Her WWE Royal Rumble Appearance

Sarah Logan Issues Statement On Her WWE Royal Rumble Appearance



WWE brought back former star Sarah Logan for the 2022 women’s WWE Royal Rumble match. 

Logan took to Instagram to write the following about her appearance: 


The moment I received the phone call that I would be an entrant in the 2022 Royal Rumble my whole body became warm. It had been so long since I wrestled that a sliver of doubt came creeping in, accompanied with excitement, and relief. I was doubtful that my body was the same and would preform like I needed it to. I was excited that I was going to be in front of the crowd again.

And I was relieved that I seemed to still be relevant in the world of wrestling. So many emotions to be feeling in the aisle of your local butcher shop, while your husband is looking at you with a confused smile on his face and a baby trying to physically fight him in his arms.

I was wanted and I was needed. And that felt good. I won’t bore you with all the travel talk because traveling with a toddler is an article all on its own. Instead I’ll jump ahead to when I got to the building. I walked in like I owned the joint and started talking trash to everyone one I met. Typical Sarah Rowe stuff. Call it a coping mechanism or affection though aggression but I am, or was, the bully of the WWE.

But I must stress that I’m a bully in a fun and loving way. I’m mean, but I mean well if that makes sense. This personality trait of mine isn’t quite fulfilled when I’m just bullying around cows and chickens. They are kinda the worst. They never get my jokes and they poop on everything. But I digress. Saying hello to everyone was an absolute pleasure. They were so happy to see me and even happier to see the star of the show, Cash Boy!!”

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