Sarah Logan Talks her Future in Wrestling


Former WWE star Sarah Logan commented on her future in the wrestling business now that she’s pregnant with a baby boy during an appearance on the Table Talk podcast.

Here is what she had to say (H/T to 

“No one retires from professional wrestling. I never said I was retired, but no one retires. Ric Flair can’t even retire. D-Von can’t retire. No one retires. I’m sure one day I will come back to wrestling, I’ve wrestled since I was 17 years old. When you specialize in something like I specialized in wrestling, you only show a quarter of who you are, like a fraction of who you are. I’m really enjoying starting my farm and starting this YouTube thing together. 

I have some stuff within the hunting and outdoor community. I’m really excited about it. So far since I’m pregnant, I have hunted hogs. I’m going bear hunting on my birthday. I got some whitetail hunts I’m going on. I’m going to be a bad ass mom for a while and wear that crown for a little bit. I’m sure I’ll go back to wrestling. It’s something I grew up on. It’s something in my blood and I will definitely come back. I grew up in a house where my dad was always at work and so was my mom because they were supporting us. We had a poor family so our family was constantly working. If I can give my child the most stable life. I can introduce wrestling in there, nice. I want the Beth Phoenix-Edge life.”

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