Sarah Stock Discusses Her Time Working As A Producer & Trainer In WWE, More


Former WWE producer and trainer Sarah Stock (Sarita) recently appeared on the “Table Talk” podcast and commented on her time working in WWE, her in-ring return, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:


On returning to the ring: “It’s so interesting because I have no idea. I got this opportunity in Mexico and I just committed to three matches and that’s it. I decided to give in for the next however long I had, maybe eight weeks, in good solid preparation, do these three matches, and see how I feel after that. If my body still feels good, if mentally it’s doing me good to be back in the ring, then for sure I’ll keep going with it for a while, but that’s the beauty of it. It’s a big adventure right now, as life tends to be and always has been. I don’t like making too many plans, I’m pretty spontaneous and like do things as they come, re-evaluate and see how I feel. It would be great if everything went well and I’m feeling good and I could have a little second phase to my career, even if it’s six months or a year or two and finish off on a strong note, like I want to, with more maturity, wisdom, and knowledge, and see where things go. There are so many factors. It depends a lot on how I’m feeling emotionally and physically.”

On her time as a producer and trainer for WWE: “I tried, for most of my time as a producer, to stay somewhat in shape and somewhat able to get into the ring and be able to demonstrate. When you’re in there and you go to put on a hold and it’s so easy and it feels good and you feel like a badass, of course, (you’re like), ‘Oh man, I do miss this.’ It had been made so clear to me from the beginning that my role in WWE was not as a wrestler. I was there to work backstage, help coach, to produce, and they made sure I was ready to make that leap. I definitely was at the time, but life is funny and things always tend to work out for the best. Now I’m here, having the time of my life, who would have thought I would be back in Mexico, living at the gym, completely immersed in it again. I’m fulfilled, I have an objective and am working towards goals. It feels amazing.”

(h/t – Fightful)

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