Saraya Knight (Paige) Believes It’s Too Soon For Her To Be Inducted Into The WWE Hall Of Fame


During a recent appearance on “The Bellas Podcast,” Saraya Knight (Paige in WWE) commented on a possible induction into the WWE Hall of Fame and why she believes it’s too early for it to happen.

Additionally, the former WWE Divas Champion commented on her future in the professional wrestling business and whether she has any plans to make an in-ring return.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On getting inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame: “You texted me about that and I was like, ‘Oh my God, that would be amazing,’ but then I looked at it and I was like, I wouldn’t get my hopes up for a long time. I’m only just going to be 30.”

On if she is done with wrestling: “For right now. My neck is fantastic, I’m having no issues with it and it’s looking good and stuff. I still want more time though. I’ve had nearly five years, completely out of the ring. It goes by so quickly. I could see myself in the ring one day, but it would have to be something really special and a big moment. Even if it was a WrestleMania thing, if they ever want to do something, it would be like a WrestleMania moment, something like that. I wouldn’t want it wasted if it was just one final match back or whatever.”

On fans pushing for a Hall of Fame spot: “I love that you guys bring it up. Thea [Zelina Vega] was texting me about it and was like, ‘I’m going to put it out there in the universe.’ When I left, WWE did all these amazing social media things for me, it was really sweet. A lot of people underneath, I’m not usually a comment reader, because I hate social media, but they were like, ‘Now, the Hall of Fame.’ ‘Oh my God.’” I set goals for myself when I got to WWE and I’ve done pretty much everything I’ve wanted to do, but I wanted to be in the Hall of Fame so bad. That was my end goal, to be in the Hall of Fame, that would be such a big deal because not everyone gets to be in it unless you’re like a celebrity who turned up at the show once or twice [laughs]. Not a lot of women are in there. It would be huge and a big deal. I know you have to make history to be in there. Then I see people who would benefit going in before me, but I would like to be on the radar, for sure.”

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