Saraya Knight (Paige) Isn’t Looking To Join AEW Anytime Soon


During a live episode of her “Saraya Turning The Page” show at Starrcast V, former WWE Superstar Saraya Knight (Paige) revealed that she doesn’t have any plans to join AEW anytime soon. Despite this, the former WWE NXT and Divas Champion stated that she’s a big fan of the AEW product and would join the company if the time is right.

You can check out some highlights from the show below:

On not having plans to go to AEW right now: “I’m in the middle of writing a book right now, which I’m really excited about. We got a book, it’s going to be another year before it officially comes out. We’re in the middle of writing that. We’re doing other things, but I’m not allowed to say anything right now. It’s non-wrestling related, sorry guys. I’m not going to be going to AEW anytime soon. AEW seems great. I love AEW. I would love to face Britt Baker one day if the time is right, that would be awesome. All my friends are there now.”

On wanting to get back in the ring: “I would love to, for sure. Having your career taken away from you without you wanting it to, having to retire on not my terms, it was really disappointing. I already knew once my neck got kicked in the middle of the live event match, once I went down, I was like, ‘This is it, this is the end of my career.’ I couldn’t feel my body. I lost control of my arms, my legs, then I’m just laying there and looking up at the referee like, ‘I can’t feel my body, I’m paralyzed right now.’ He threw up the X and I look at poor Sasha in the corner and she’s like, ‘I’m so sorry.’ If it wasn’t you, it would have been someone else.”

Saraya Knight was released from WWE back on July 7th after the company decided to not renew her contract.

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