Sarita May Be Blacklisted From Wrestling In Mexico


Dark Angel’s (a/k/a Sarita in TNA Wrestling) tenured wrestling career in Mexico appears in doubt following her recent excursion to Japan for all-women’s league STARDOM’s 5 STAR Grand Prix Tournament. According to, by way of noted lucha libre expert Steve Sims and Super Luchas magazine, CMLL officials are extremely displeased with the champion grappler for taking it upon herself to work a two-month tour for the Japanese promotion when their official women’s wrestling partner in the country is REINA. CMLL is also not being financially compensated for her appearances since Dark Angel secured her own deal, which goes against company protocol.


Dark Angel appeared at a few STARDOM shows in March to celebrate friend Io Shirai’s fifth anniversary event as well as her own ten-year anniversary in professional wrestling. Since Dark Angel took off for an extended Japanese tour in mid-August, CMLL has continuously mis-advertised her as appearing at events with full knowledge that she will not be able to in an attempt to damage her reputation in Mexico. Sims noted during the Figure Four Daily radio show last week, “…she might not have a job for much longer in Mexico, it’s sad to say.” He also explained why CMLL is falsely advertising her for shows.

“As soon as they know they’re not available for bookings they start listing them on their posters and assigning them bookings that they know they’ll miss,” Sims said. “That way, they get rid of them – which appears to be their intention and they can say “Look. Here’s the poster. Here’s the actual poster that we sent to the promoters. We said Dark Angel’s going to be there on such-and-such-a-time and she didn’t show up for work.”

Dark Angel has informed fans of her whereabouts through her Facebook page with daily updates on her Japanese tour. After CMLL continued to falsely advertise her for shows, she wrote Thursday, “Just letting you all know that I’m still in Japan and will not be wrestling in Guadalajara in the upcoming weeks. Sorry for the confusion.”

Sims speculated that CMLL may not book Dark Angel for shows once her tour of Japan concludes as punishment for her “betrayal” and since they control the Canadian native’s work permit for Mexico, they can blacklist her from working for any other promotion in the country.

Sims said, “It appears that CMLL is doing it deliberately to issue a punishment to her, and I think because of the work permit situation, what we will find out is that they simply don’t book her, at least until such times as her work permit comes up, and hope that teaches her a lesson that she can work in Japan but only if the CMLL office gets a cut of her bookings.”

In a worst-case scenario, Dark Angel would still be able to appear for TNA Wrestling as Sarita, as well as STARDOM or any other non-Mexican promotion. Sims adds, “They are very stubborn in CMLL and they’re going to make their point with Sarah Stock whether she likes it or not.”

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