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Sasha Banks Comments On Her Campaign To Get Evolution 2 Trending, More


During a recent edition of “Table Talk”, Sasha Banks revealed her plan to get Evolution 2 trending, who she’d like to face, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On the Evolution PPV: “Oh, it was such a beautiful magical PPV that, again, I never dreamt that would happen because you never even dream of women main eventing anything. But for all those women to came together from the past, the present, the future. It was such an inspiring and incredible PPV that I’m, like, where is number two? Where is Evolution 2, we’ve been waiting for it. I know the fans want it, I’m dying for it. Because you saw a lot of matches that you would never see before. And I think that’s awesome to see, especially as the women’s division keeps growing. I mean, NXT. Every time I go down there, to see how many women are down there. When I first started down there, there was only legit, eight. Maybe there’s like, 20, 25 [now]. We have a stacked roster, so I don’t see why there could be reason why we wouldn’t have Evolution 2. I thought that was such an amazing PPV, and I want it. I know the fans want it as well.”

On if she’s heard any rumblings about an Evolution 2: “I mean, have I heard any rumblings? No, I haven’t. Can we start some rumblings? Start the hashtag, #Evolution2. Let’s do it, let’s manifest that. Let’s put it out there.”

On who she would want to face at a second Evolution: “If I could choose anybody? Trish Stratus. I would lose my mind. But honestly, there are so many people. [Meiko] Satomura from Japan, if we can bring her from Japan, I would lose my mind. It could be anybody. Anybody that I have not wrestled before, I would love to have a singles match with them.”

On Trish being the one past star she’d want in a dream match: “Definitely. If it wasn’t Eddie Guerrero, it was Trish Stratus, because she was just the top of the women’s division of her time. She was the best, she was beautiful, she was athletic. And she killed it, and inspired me. It’s so funny, I have a bunch of her stuff. And I remember going to the Eddie Guerrero tribute show and she had this pink shirt on. And I saw that shirt at a store like the next week and I’m like, ‘I need that shirt because Trish Stratus had that shirt.’ I would always do the finger point when I was kid. And it was like, always Trish Stratus was the one. And then when I finally got to meet her and work with her, I mean I just fell more in love with her. She is the most amazing, beautiful human being I’ve ever met. And not only did she inspire me in the ring, she inspires me for what she does outside of the ring as well.”

(h/t – 411 Wrestling)

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