Sasha Banks Comments On Taking Breaks From WWE Television, SummerSlam


During a recent interview with The New York Post, WWE Superstar Sasha Banks commented on taking breaks from WWE television, Becky Lynch’s recent return on WWE SmackDown, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On taking breaks from WWE television: “To me it’s not breaks. I’m kind of gone or off TV for one or two weeks. People think it’s like a big break. But you know there’s a lot of talent on the roster. It can’t always be the Sasha Banks show. I can’t be on every Raw and SmackDown, even though I wish I can. I’m a big star outside of the WWE, if you didn’t know. So I’m really booked and busy. If I can’t make the jet on time, I can’t make the jet on time. I can’t just have the plane waiting for me on their hands and feet. I’m just really busy. To me it’s nothing. I’m just showing up to work when I’m booked for work.”

On Becky Lynch’s return to WWE: “It’s completely so inspiring. To see her come back looking better than she’s ever looked. And to put out a baby and have a six pack, you know she’s coming for everybody’s throat. It just really makes me what to step up my game because I have no idea what it takes to be a mother on the road. They all inspire me so much that they can just do all of this. To be a WWE superstar alone is hard, but to be a woman in the game, but to be a brand new mother, wow, she’s on a whole different level, a whole different fire is in her eyes because she’s not just fighting for herself. She’s fighting for her daughter. Her hunger is just up there. I can’t wait to fight this new Becky Lynch.”

On the reason she missed SummerSlam: “There’s no reason. I’m not telling you anything. (Laughs). You’re not Oprah. You’re not the WWE Network, you’re not getting me the views. I’m not telling you my secrets. You can read my book. You can read my documentary when I want to speak about it. Thank you very much.”

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