Sasha Banks Speaks On Her Injury At SummerSlam, Being Compared To Beyoncé, More


Sasha Banks recently spoke with The Undefeated about her career. Here are the highlights.

On being compared to Beyonce: “Oh, hell yeah, you’re right. I am the Beyoncé of the WWE. I am. The Beyoncé of the WWE. Beyoncé is the greatest, so I am the greatest. Not only in the Women’s division, I’m trying to show the guys I’m better than them. I can close out RAW every week if you give me the opportunity. I want to be the face of the women’s division and I will be.”

On going from a heel to a babyface: “It’s an adjustment,” she said. “It’s hard for me to believe that fans like me now. I think it started from fans respecting my matches. And when I wasn’t on TV, they wanted to see me. But I’m happy. I can do [wrestling’s term for “good guys”] baby face, I can do it all.”

On her injury af WWE SummerSlam in August: “S— happens,” she said. “People thought I had a serious neck injury after Summerslam. If it was that serious, would I have come back in a few weeks? No. I get more injured wearing high heels to the arena than wrestling.”

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