Sasha Banks On How She Transformed Into “The Boss”


WWE recently had former 3-time RAW Women’s Champion Sasha Banks, take a look at a photo of herself from her early stages in the WWE. After seeing the photo, she reflected on her growth from a shy Sasha Banks into to “The Boss”.

Sasha Banks: “Eww, Gross, Ewww … what?!? Ew, gross. I think I was just trying to be pretty and trying to be someone I’m not. Like, I’m not a model, I hate taking pictures. I remember thinking ‘what kind of poses can I do?’ That was one of them. I was thinking the Trish Stratus pose, you know?”Very skinny; barely any meat on my bones; same beautiful smile; a couple of broken noses after; better eyebrows, for sure. That’s crazy, because I remember being so nervous and so happy that I was here in the WWE. I would say just don’t give up and keep doing what you’re doing because you will become a legit boss, you will become a three time women’s champion, you’ll become the first ever woman to main event a pay-per-view because you are so shy and so nervous. I still love what I do very, very much. I have so much passion for the WWE and I knew that I wanted to change the game, and here I am today, changing the game.”

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