Satnam Singh Reveals Who He’d Like To Face In AEW, More


During a recent interview with Bleacher Report, AEW star Satnam Singh commented on how he got involved in wrestling, the hardest thing to learn, and lots more.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On how he got involved in wrestling: “In 2017, when I was playing in the D League still, WWE reached out and made me come to the Performance Center. I tried it out and trained with them, but I wasn’t ready to make that move yet, because I was still into basketball. 2017 was when I initially was exposed to it.”

On the hardest thing to learn in wrestling: “I don’t think anything is really hard. I’m just learning by seeing things and I don’t really have trouble with specific moves.”

On his favorite wrestlers of all-time: “The Rock and Big Show. They are mostly my favorites. Mark Henry as well. I mostly like all of the big guys.”

On who he eventually wants to wrestle in AEW: “I’m ok with anyone right now. I’m really open with all wrestlers. Maybe Big Show? That would be a great opportunity for me to go face to face with him.”

On which giant he would face if he could face any in wrestling history: “The Great Khali. We could do a big fight: the battle of two mega Indian big men.”

On if he has his eyes on any specific title: “I don’t know just yet, but I pray a title gets to me soon.”

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