Scarlett Bordeaux Reveals Her Initial Reaction To Her WWE Release


During a recent virtual autograph session with The Asylum Wrestling Wrestling Store, former WWE NXT Superstar Scarlett Bordeaux commented on her release from WWE, her initial reaction to the news, and more. You can check out some highlights from the signing below:

On her time in NXT: “You know, I wasn’t stressed because NXT was awesome, it really was. But, I was quite bored for the last six months. Obviously, I wasn’t doing very much. I’m excited for the first time in a really long time and I’m happy and I feel joy. I felt content at WWE, but now I feel joy and excitement.”


On her thoughts on managing vs. wrestling: “So, I always wanted to be able to do everything, but managing has always been my favorite thing. Originally I was hired specifically to be a manager, which I was super excited about. Then I was always open to doing everything. I love bumping, I love wrestling and naturally throughout every place I’ve worked at, eventually it transitions into wrestling. I feel like that happened with every female manager at WWE so I just kind of naturally expected that to happen. Then when it started to come up earlier this year that I was going to start wrestling, I was like, ‘Cool. Let’s do it. Hell yeah.’ So that’s kind of how it happened.”

On her reaction to getting released: “So, the night I got the call we were together and he [Kross] was actually dropping me off at the airport. My first reaction was pretty pissed because I was like, ‘We’re awesome.’ That’s how I felt. ‘We’re awesome. We got all the boxed marked off.’ I’m confident in what we can do and what our worth is. But then I got really excited and confident. People compared the way I was typing on Twitter to a girl that had just been broken up with, like, ‘I’m going to get super hot and successful and make you guys jealous,’ and I felt like, hell yeah, let’s do everything I want to do now and everything I wasn’t allowed to do. I got to do a magazine cover that’s coming up. All these photoshoots and signings and within two days my entire December was booked, so it went from being pissed to excited and not once did I cry. I thought that at least at one point I’d be really devastated but that has not happened once. I’ve just gone from pissed the first night to excited and happy.”

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