Scarlett Bordeaux Talks Working with Scott Steiner for Lap Dance Segment on Impact


Scarlett Bordeaux recently sat down for an interview on The Wincly podcast. Credit to Wrestling Inc.

Scarlett Bordeaux’s Smokeshow gimmick may be “bringing sexy back,” but not everyone is a fan of her character. Many think it is a step back for women’s wrestlers during this Women’s Revolution, but Bordeaux hit back at those “hypocrites” who disparage her character.


“I think a lot of them are hypocrites because a lot of these same women are amazing wrestlers, but they also do these sexy photo shoots and bikini photos. Every woman – we like being called pretty. We like being called sexy… A lot of women are there to put other women down. It’s also talking down to the women who were divas back in the day.”

Bordeaux then brought up the likes of Trish Stratus and Lita and argued that they had great wrestling matches back in the day, so why is it just now that this era is being called the Women’s Revolution? It diminishes the feats of those women who were both sexy and great wrestlers. Bordeaux said in response to the notion that great women’s wrestling only started during this era.

“There were so many amazing matches over the last 30 years. If I want to wrestle, I should be able to wrestle. If I want to be sexy, I should be allowed to be sexy. If I want to come out wearing a potato sack, I should be allowed to do that too. It’s part of my personality. It makes me feel powerful – being sexy. That’s for me, its not for everybody. I’m not telling other people what they should do or say and I think that’s how it should be.”

Bordeaux stressed that she’s never being put in an uncomfortable position by Impact and that many of the segments which take place are her ideas.

“Even when the idea came up for me [for the Scott Steiner lap dance] – it wasn’t [originally] a lap dance. It was more like a Kelly Kelly expose,” said Bordeaux. “[Impact] said whatever you want to wear and whatever your comfortable in. I didn’t even have to take off the robe if I didn’t want to. I’ve been working on my body and it’s all been a mutual effort. I haven’t been forced, not once, to say anything I don’t wanna do, do anything I don’t wanna do. A lot of times when these things happen women don’t speak up when there’s something that makes them feel uncomfortable.”

“I’ve always been the person to do that. I have no problem saying no to something… If it’s something I’d be afraid for my mom to see, I’m very conscious of that… What if someone I was dating were to see this? Or my boss see this? Or my mom see this? Would I be okay with that? If my grandchildren were to see their grandma looking that hot I’d be proud of it [laughter]. That’s how I look at it.”

Scott Steiner is a controversial figure in the wrestling industry, but Bordeaux says she had no problem working with him during the infamous lap dance.

“He’s amazing. He’s so easy to work with,” stated Bordeaux. “I just saw him this past weekend at a wrestling convention and we hugged and had a laugh about it. He congratulated me and we’re both still in awe at the views which is at 1 million right now.”

Bordeaux’s lap dance with Steiner is one of Impact Wrestling’s most-viewed YouTube videos of all-time and that gives some level of validation to Bordeaux that she’s doing something right.

“I always hope my stuff does well and I see myself as someone who works very hard and I can see my own value,” said Bordeaux. “So it’s really cool when numbers and things like that show for it.”

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