Scorpio Sky Says He’s Interested In Fighting Jake Paul, & More


During a recent interview with Bleacher Report, AEW Superstar Scorpio Sky commented on being part of the Daniel Bryan & Kane therapy storyline in WWE several years ago, his past experience in MMA, fighting Jake Paul, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On his time in Wrestling Society X: “It was kind of a weird project. It was a lot of fun, and it was really exciting when we were doing it. I was only two years into the business at that point. I didn’t understand TV wrestling and now that I do, I know that wasn’t TV wrestling. The directors were heavily involved but unfortunately, it didn’t seem like they knew about wrestling. It was a cool project, but it was a little too soon. It was before its time. If you look at a lot of what Lucha Underground was doing, a lot of that came from WSX. LU just did it better. They took care of us really well, but it was kind of weird at the same time.”

On playing Harold during the Kane/Daniel Bryan therapy storyline: “That was just something that came about because I got called to do some extra work on that skit. I had no idea what it was going into it. I had a buddy there and we were trying to lean into him being Harold, so I grabbed a name tag and wrote Koby with a Y. Once the directors came in, they looked at me and said ‘You’re Harold.’ I have never seen it to this day, but people seemed to enjoy it.”

On his past MMA fights: “From the time I was a kid, I always wanted to try mixed martial arts. I sustained an injury to my back and almost had to retire, and one of the things that bit me about that was I never had a chance to have a fight. Once I was healthy, I wanted to at least train. I am a super-competitive person and once I started training, I wanted to have a fight. I jumped in and ended up having four fights. I went 3-1. That competitive nature never goes away, and I never really retired but I got back into wrestling, and that got so busy.”

On the possibility of taking an MMA fight: “I was watching that YouTube guy who fought Nate Robinson. I wouldn’t mind fighting him. That would be fun. I think it was Jake Paul. It was a viral thing that he knocked Robinson out. He wouldn’t knock me out like that, I can tell you right now. I am not throwing out any challenges but if the opportunity presented itself and made sense, I would be glad to school him a little bit. Maybe we can do a special event with AEW and boxing, and we can do a tag team match with me and Floyd Mayweather Jr. against the Paul brothers.”

On his new Wrestling With The Week podcast with Rooster Teeth: “The idea behind this podcast is to do something fun. It’s been a really tough year for everyone worldwide. Everyone has shared in their own tragedies, and we wanted to put out something fun. Not only will we be covering wrestling but there will also be something for everyone. It’s not really a wrestling podcast. Will we be covering wrestling? Yes, but we’re also going to talk about music, pop culture, fashion, movies. Whatever is interesting that takes place that week. James and I were strangers heading into this project. We have gotten to know each other a bit, but I wanted to hold back because I have never heard of a podcast with two hosts who don’t know each other. I think that’s going to be a cool element.”

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