Scott Armstrong Says He Still Has A Lot To Give, Wants To Return To WWE


Prior to being released during the COVID-19 pandemic, referee Scott Armstrong had worked in WWE for 15 years.

Speaking on “The Family Business with Kerry Morton” podcast, Armstrong revealed that he continues to maintain his fitness and feels like he still has a lot to give.


You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On his fitness and capacity currently: “I don’t feel like I’m done by any means. I do still feel like age is a number — and I know it’s easy to say when you’re an old dude — but I’m still active, still in the gym. I wrestled a couple of months ago. I know I can still do what needs to be done in the ring.”

On where he would like to end up working if possible: “I feel like if you have 15 years at the very, very top level, you’ve got something to give. I’d love to go back to WWE, I would love to entertain the thought of Impact or New Japan or AEW. Any of those.”

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