Scott D’Amore: “The Door is Open for Kylie Rae in Impact!”


During a recent media call, Scott D’Amore commented on Kylie Rae’s status with Impact Wrestling, and more. You can check out some highlights from the call below:

On Kylie Rae’s Impact Wrestling Future: “We were happy and honored to have Kylie Rae as a surprise entrant in the ‘Call Your Shot Gauntlet’. Kylie is an amazing performer and has a charisma that very few do. The door is certainly open if Kylie chooses that she’s interested in being a part of Impact and I think she would excel in our amazing Knockouts Division. She is exactly what we like to feature which is talented, world-class female athletes with amazing personas and connects with an audience.”

On Adding Talent: “We’re always looking to add new talent because wrestling always has changeover. Its characters have to come in, they tell their story, go on their saga and then they move on somewhere else and we bring in new characters. So, we’re always on the lookout for great talent. We saw some amazing talent in Kylie and otherwise at Bound for Glory. You’re certainly gonna continue to see new talent emerge in the Knockouts Division and against male competitors.”

On A Potential Knockouts Tag Titles: “As we continue to build a robust Knockouts Division, at some point in time we’ll examine if it’s a situation where we look to add Knockouts Tag Team Championships. Or is it simply where we approach 2020 and we’re on equal footing with intergender wrestling, will we see two of our amazing females team up to chase after the current Impact Tag Team Champions? Remember, they are the Impact World Tag Team Championships, not the Impact Men’s World Tag Team Championships.”

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