Scott Dawson Reacts to Rob Gronkowski’s WrestleMania 36 “Dive” to Win the 24/7 Title Championship


As seen during Sunday night’s “Night Two” of WrestleMania 36, Rob Gronkowski did a balcony dive to win the 24/7 Championship. The Revival’s Scott Dawson took to Twitter following the match, tweeting the following,

“My God, even Gronk does dives. Can we all stop doing them now? At least keep it to a minimum?”


Riddick Moss replied to the tweet, saying,

“Gronk > Dawson. More exciting style IMO.”

Dawson replied to Moss with the following,

“You’ve always critiqued me very strictly. I respect that.”

As many of you know by now, The Revival will not be re-signing with WWE when their contracts expire. Dawson’s contract expires first and that’ll be followed by Dash Wilder several weeks later.

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