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Scott Hall Comments On His Past Heat With The Undertaker, Kevin Nash Praises Finn Balor


Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and Sean Waltman all were part of the Kliq Q&A at WrestleCon this weekend. Highlights are below.

– Scott Hall said he had heat with the Undertaker after calling him “Carrot Top.”

– Scott Hall talked about being at a bar with Shawn Michaels once and remembering many people being upset that their girlfriends kept flirting with Shawn.

– Waltman said that many thought the Bone Street Krew (Yokozuna, Undertaker, Savio Vega and the Headshrinkers) were the Kliq’s rival gang in WWE, but that they actually were very helpful to Shawn and Scott Hall.

– Waltman talked about the time when Shawn Michaels got jumped and got a concussion and no memory of the incident as a result. Waltman said the incident wouldn’t have happened if he didn’t get out of the car and say something to the people they were having the conflict with.

– Hall said that Triple H got into the Kliq initially because he was their driver/lackey.

– Nash said that the Kliq members started taking bookings apart from Shawn as a way to reduce the chances of getting into fights.

– Shawn talked about him and Triple H having to cover for Waltman when Waltman was using a lot of drugs, and that they often had to clean things up for him like his bags and hotel rooms.

– Shawn talked about how nobody backstage had any issues with Chyna until she started hanging out with the Kliq.

– Hall said he was the “Tito Santana of his era” and that he was happy celebrating Shawn and Nash’s big accomplishments with them.

– Nash talked about the Curtain Call, saying it was the result of finally refusing to take a urine test after having to take several daily. Once they signed with WCW, they decided to get “stoned” at Madison Square Garden.

– Hall called Shawn the best in-ring performer ever.

– Waltman said nobody succeeded at breaking up the Kliq even though many tried.

– Hall said they were the first ones to openly talk about money with other wrestlers, and that it was forbidden before that.

– Waltman talked about going to Vince McMahon once when he was upset that Hall and Nash were making the money they were making and he was making less. McMahon ended up reluctantly giving Waltman the same pay.

– Waltman put over Shinsuke Nakamura and Braun Strowman.

– Nash said he would have loved to work with Finn Balor.

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