Scott Hall Reacts To Jake Roberts/HOF Induction, His Son


In an interview with Houston Wrestling Radio, Scott Hall commented on Jake “The Snake” Roberts going into the WWE Hall of Fame. Here are highlights:

On his up coming appearance at WrestleCon: “I think Bret Hart is going to be there too and I got really excited when I heard that Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan may be there. It’s going to be real exciting! It’s going to be the first time I’ve been to WrestleMania weekend in a long, long time so I’m excited about all the things happening that weekend and it’s my first time at WrestleCon so all my HallMarks that want to come out and say ‘hi’, please do!”

On interacting with fans: “This is all new to me, I never really got into the autograph scene. It’s really flattering when someone comes up to you and tells you that they enjoy your performance and you impacted them as little kids. i hope people enjoyed it. I take pride in my work. To know that I was connecting with the audience is really satiating. That’s why I got into it.”

On what he enjoys in his life now: “And now I so happy that my kids are chasing their dreams. My daughter is in college and she wants to be a large animal vet and my son, Cody, is a pro wrestler. I moved from my home in Florida to here in Atlanta because it’s a better indie wrestling scene. Now,Ii’m just sitting back and counting my blessings. It’s just great. My kids are chasing their dreams and all my dreams came true. So now, I’m just working with both of my kids in helping them succeed.”

On helping his son, Cody, with the wrestling business: “I have mentored other young wrestlers before along the way, like X-Pac. Now he was a seasoned wrestler but hadn’t made it out the big time when he came in. We worked an angle together and we’ve still best friends still to this day. And Justin Credible, when he was a young guy, he traveled with me. And I would talk to these guys about business and matches. Now with Cody, it’s different because I’m his dad. I’m not Razor, I’m not the NWO guy, I’m ‘Dad.’ So when I say something to him, he rolls his eyes and says ‘yeah, whatever.’ But then he talks to other guys about stuff. He seeks advice from Lance Storm and Roddy Piper and thank you Lance and thank you Roddy, and he talks to Jake and he talks to Dallas. But I’m just Dad, which I dig because most of his life, I was on the road and I missed out on a lot of that father and son stuff, so I’m trying to catch up now. The funny story is just getting McGooed by your own kid. I’m laying down advice that other kids and other wrestlers probably want to have and he’s just rolling his eyes at me and calling somebody else! Haha! I guess that’s funny to hear but it’s not funny to me. It sometimes hurts my feelings. But I’m digging the dad thing the best. I try to film his matches and not go out to the ring with him unless it’s a large promotion and that’s what they want. I let him do his own thing. I don’t want to be a distraction. And he’s really talented, he doesn’t need me out there. He puts on quite a good show all by himself! so I just cruse out there and film it. Then when he’s done, we go out to a restaurant and watch it back, critique it. But I’ve learned to not critique too much when his blood is still pumping. A couple days later is when it’ good to say something.”

On his hip surgery, recovery and Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts’ recovery: “I’m just thankful for where I’m at. A year ago, I was in a wheelchair. Actually, April 5, the same day as the Hall of Fame ceremony, same day they put Jake into the Hall of Fame, April 5 a year ago, I had a hip surgery. I was in a wheelchair and I had given up. I was in all this pain. I was drinking and taking pills to medicate myself. I had no idea that the hip surgery was for real and that it would change my life the way it did. I’m not in pain! So I don’t feel the need to be medicated. It’s just amazing that all these things could happen in a year. Reason why I came to Atlanta was to come stay with Dallas and Jake was there and Jake was coming out of a hole. He was coming out of a real dark place. Now, he’s going into the Hall of Fame! His life has turned around and I’m so happy for him!”

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