​Scott Hall & Rob Van Dam Pay Tribute To The Late Curt ‘Mr Perfect’ Hennig


Hall on his favorite Curt Hennig match: “I think I’ll have to say it was the match that never happened. Ric Flair and I was supposed to wrestle Randy Savage and Ultimate Warrior at Survivor Series. It was a really big deal. I was new in as Razor [Ramon]. Then, they had brought me in with Bobby Heenan, with Flair, with Mr. Perfect, and then they did a little thing where Heenan and Perfect split up. Warrior couldn’t come to terms so they put Curt in as a substitute. So, now he goes from announcing and not wrestling to have to wrestle at the end in the main event, and it changed the history of wrestling. I mean, the, the plans initially for my career were different ’cause, when you have a substitute, you’ll have to feature the substitute or else the fan feels like they got ripped off. So it changed the whole storyline that we were initially on but with Curt, I think that was my favorite match ’cause this was the first time actually as a performer where I kinda had to help. I finally got to carry Curt a little bit because, you know, in announcing, it’s the same as wrestling as every night, so he was a little bit out of shape and it was fun to be in there and kind of pay him back and show him what I learned… what I’d learned along the way from him. I was trying to do the entertaining bumps for him because, at this time, he was in the babyface role and I was the heel, and I wanted to take bumps for him. I think me and Flair both got Perfect-Plexed that evening. [laughs]”.

Hall on if there are any Hennig matches on his upcoming WWE DVD release: “Yeah, I met with the producer, he showed me this list of all these matches. You got to look at it from my point of view. Honestly, I’ve, I’ve been welcomed back in the fold two years ago. Hall Of Fame… I was involved in WrestleMania. Things are going so great for me. I feel so blessed. There’s a much better deal on the inside with the WWE than on the outside looking in. They interviewed my family. The TV guy told they really went in depth in this and, when he showed me the list of matches, it was up to me whether I wanted to go through and make sure some are included or some aren’t in it and stuff like that. Some guys have done but I said that I’ve seen the quality of the work that they put out. I trust you guys completely. Let me know how I can help in any way but, you know, I’m not going to tell these TV guys how to do their jobs. They know what they’re doing and I’m just really happy because it’s not for the network, it’s going to be on sale. It feels great. I didn’t wanna see any of the previews. They had screened it and reviewed it and I didn’t want to see it. I said no, that I actually want to see it once it comes out.”

RVD on Hennig: “Obviously, I have a lot of respect for Curt Hennig and I say ‘obviously’ because I just assumed that anybody would know that “Mr. Perfect” Curt Hennig was a legend and someone of that stature is someone that everybody looks up to. I watched him as a kid and so it was cool to be in the ring with him. However, at that time, things are different because business is thrown into the equation. Your own self position or what the company is doing with you is a big factor as well as what the company is doing with the other person. So, a lot of times, there’s like a humbling factor… maybe even a ‘I’m not sure if I’m worthy’ factor. When you’re wrestling and beating a legend that you grew up watching and scoring the victory, there’s a lot going on as far as that goes. He was cool. “

RVD on how Hennig worked with him and helped him: “What I remember most about wrestling Curt is… we had this match and it was on television, probably for SmackDown. It could have been Heat. The match is going on, we did something where he bumped out to the floor. I jumped over the top rope and we got back in the ring and he said something to me that surprised me. WWE was fairly new to me. They do a lot of things that other wrestling companies don’t. Having that in mind, this is one of those times. When we got back in the ring, Curt relayed the message to me. How he got the message, I guess, was passed on from the referee. Curt says the camera missed the whole last 30 seconds. Somehow, the camera went out or something and he says I will do it again and so we went through the exact same sequence of moves that we just did like boom, boom, whatever it was, he bumped the floor. I went over the top again. Not only had I not done that before this match, I hadn’t done that after either, so that’s always going to stick out in my mind because that is how they used to do things. I’ve heard so many stories about how, back in the day, how WWF used to do their show for the TV and it seems like, at the expense of the crowd, the live crowd there in front of them, they’d ‘have a match and then, for whatever reason, they weren’t pleased with how it went. They would say get right back out there and they would redo that exact match again and that used to be the norm. That used to be how they did things all the time so if you were in the crowd at a TV taping for WWF, a lot of times, you would experience this, where a match, sometimes the match happens again and again and again and it’s like you’re, you’re there watching a TV show being filmed. I, personally, didn’t have much experience with that era or with that style, that process, but the time I did was when I was in the ring with “Mr. Perfect” Curt Hennig. I was still adjusting to the whole thing so I hadn’t been there that long and. I mean, he had come on for a little while. Everybody knows he’s one of the biggest ribbers in the business, so…In the ring, the guy, the guy produced, you know what I mean, like when you can call yourself Mr. Perfect and back it up in the ring, you must have something going for you.”

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