Scott Hall’s Son Says He’s Learned From His Father


Scott Hall’s son Cody recently spoke with TribLive about following in his father’s legacy and more. Check out the highlights:

On not falling into his father’s personal demons: “I’m not really worried about some of the downfalls my dad had. I saw a lot of great things happen in my life. Not every wrestler has had a tragic ending of broken bones and broken homes. I hope I don’t go into the same pitfalls, because I have an example to learn from. I really just want to stick to my beliefs now and stay away from all that stuff. Maybe be a better example for somebody else.”

On watching old-school wrestlers with his dad: “I’ve been watching a lot of Barry Windham lately. I try to watch big guys who can move around well: Terry Gordy, Dick Murdoch, a lot of older stuff. A lot of Japanese workers. Try to find stuff you don’t see in America as much.”

On enjoying his time in the indies: “Just getting in the ring is still fun for me no mater how many people are there. As far as everyone’s style, everybody works different. I’m still trying to figure out my own style. I think the indies for me is a chance to get out in the ring and a chance for not as many people to see me mess up before I get to bigger arenas.”

On not wanting to jump to WWE too soon: “I’ve heard so many stories about Europe and Japan, so that’s what I have my sights on now. Hopefully, one day down the road, if they want me in WWE, that will be the place to go.”

On learning fron his father: “I think every father wants to teach their craft. You see a lot of people who are second-generation doing the family business and not just in wrestling. I think it was just a natural thing for the father to pass on what he could to his son. He’s loving it, and I’m loving it.”

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