Scott Hall Says On Sean Waltman’s Podcast That HBK Has Plans For The Kliq At WrestleMania 33


Scott Hall was the first guest on Sean Waltman’s new podcast, and here are some of the highlights:

Sean Waltman Discuses Daniel Bryan’s “Soft Style” Statements: “Bryan mentioned something about the soft WWE style before it changed. I never worked that style. I take exception to that part because my body, my X-rays, MRIs, CT scans will tell a different story than a supposed soft style that we were working.”

Waltman Talks About Goldberg’s Possible Return: “The only thing I can say is, “why not?”. It’s win-win for both sides. Who cares about the past, you know? Nobody in wrestling should ever say the word never because everybody ends up eating that particular word, and Goldberg’s not going to be any different, neither is CM Punk eventually.”

Scott Hall Talks About The Curtain Call: “Vince knew it was going to happen. I was talking to Vince when Shawn came in and said, hey blah blah blah and he went, is it important to you, and he said yes. And, he said, okay, make it happen. He said, I want Razor to come out, and I’m sitting right there.”

Hall Says Shawn Michaels Has a Kliq Plan For WrestleMania 33: “There was an idea [from Shawn Michaels] that we were gonna do something. Me, Kevin [Nash] and Eric Bischoff were gonna do something. I think you [Sean Waltman] were gonna do something at the Hard Rock Cafe and City Walk in Orlando since that’s where ‘Mania is this year. But then, there was some talk about maybe Hulkster being involved which makes it even bigger. But then, somebody said, the last time I talked to Kevin, he said ‘No I heard from somebody, who won’t be named, let’s make it a Kliq thing’. So then, the whole Kliq would be involved; and if one dude can’t make it they’re gonna drop a giant screen down, and they’re gonna beam it in, him doing stuff.”

Here is the full interview….

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