Scott Hall Says He Picked Up His Drug and Alcohol Habits From Curt Hennig


 Scott Hall appeared on The CCW Podcast. Below are some highlights from the show (transcript via

Hall on the wrestlers who helped him early in his career: “Ricky Steamboat was really cool to me when I was in Charlotte [North Carolina] and hadn’t had a match yet and I made a couple of road trips with Ricky. And he was a big star and he was really kind to me. And anyway, Ricky was a big star. Sorry, Ricky. A lot of guys helped me along the way. Dusty Rhodes was really good to me, and helped me, and started me. Too many guys to name… Shawn Michaels really helped me a lot. We helped each other. It was a good partnership.”

Hall on how he got his drug habit from Curt Hennig: “If you look at Curt when we first started in AWA and how he looked by the time he was Mr. Perfect, it was because he was hanging out with me. I was teaching him about [nutrition]. Well, if you look at my life, I never drank or did drugs until I met Curt. I smoked a little bit of weed and I worked out. All-of-a-sudden, anyway, it was what it was. If I had to do it all over again, I’d probably live the same way.”

Scott Hall on how anyone in WWE with an attitude would put feces in your bag: “Fuji was most known for the s–t rib and he passed it on to Curt who passed it on to X-Pac, and if they don’t like you, they just s–t in your bag. And sometimes it would be multiple s–ts. It would be different textures and it was like I never really participate in any of that. I was aware it was happening. I never s–t in anybody’s bag. I never wanted to see it because some guys would walk around and go, ‘wow, look’ to me and I’d go, ‘no, I believe you’. Then, they’d s–t in your bag if they didn’t like you and depending on how you sold it, they even did it to Madusa, Alundra Blayze. She came in with a little bit of an attitude and she got s–t ribbed. Sunny and Chris Candido, Skip and Sunny, ooh, one time on a European tour, they got s–t ribbed. And Curt would do the upper decker. He would go in your room, if he could get in your house, he’d like it even better. He would go in your hotel room and lift the back of the toilet, like the part where the flushing stuff goes, he’d s–t in there and put the lid back on and you’d be smelling it for days!”

Scott Hall on how intense Randy Savage was and how he didn’t like the idea of losing to him: “Randy is the most intense guy I’ve been around. Like, you could go to Randy, he had, like, these custom made boots on, cowboy boots, like, handmade, really expensive, and I go, ‘wow, nice boots, Mach’ and he would go, ‘what do you mean by that?’ And I’m thinking, ‘your boots are nice?’” Hall added, “when they were giving Razor a big push and at this point in his career, he doesn’t lose. They’re having him lose to me and he didn’t like it. The plan was, at Survivor Series, [Ric] Flair and I were going to wrestle Warrior and Macho and I was going to cripple Mach and retire him. He was going to go to broadcasting. They were really going to push Razor as a bad guy, but Warrior held Vince [McMahon] up for money like he was known to do and Vince didn’t cave and he brought Perfect out of the announce thing and back.”

Scott Hall on how Savage was jealous and possessive of Miss Elizabeth: “[Savage] was really jealous and possessive of Liz. I don’t know. He kind of… I remember, years later, in the WCW/nWo run, Mach was so cool that he went in on a big contract, and now it’s his ex-wife, ‘I want Liz on the payroll,’ so she’s making good money not doing anything, just standing around, but he looked after her just like Hogan looked after Beefcake. Beefcake was getting paid, but he didn’t show up to TV. He was getting paid to sit home!”

On his ladder match with Shawn Michaels on WrestleMania 10: “It was a long time ago, but it paid for my first house.” Hall continued, “I think it’s really cool that people like it. It was great. I’ve had some good matches since then, but whatever. I’m glad that it’s up there with the great matches in wrestling.”

Scott Hall on how Savage said he was selfish due to the match: “I came back through [the curtain] and Mach was like a leader of the locker room. I came back through, [and] he goes, and all the boys were there, he goes, ‘first of all, I want to say congratulations on a great match. Second of all, I want to say you’re very, very selfish’ because we went longer than was allotted to us, but we have to do what we have to do and it’s Shawn and me. I’m thinking, ‘what are you going to do, Vince, fire us? No, yell at us. I don’t care and it was go, so what the f–k?’ He was wrestling Crush and they got cut way down, so he was upset. So he said, ‘great match’ and ‘you’re selfish’ and I said, ‘thank you’ and ‘you’re right.’ Yeah, I was worried about me in that moment, so, ‘sorry bro. Go get ’em.’”

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